Shopping in Sri Lanka is a little different as you can imagine. There is one supermarket in Galle (‘Keels Super‘) where all the ex-pats buy their overpriced stuff, ourselves included! That is not to say that we don’t shop locally too, we do, but there are certain things that you will probably want, which will not be available in the local shops, e.g. jam, pasta, olive oil, coffee (if you like your coffee we would recommend that you bring some with you. It is available but you pay a fortune for it.)

Shopping at the Sunday market

Shopping at the Sunday market

Every Sunday there’s a local vegetable market in Ahangama. It’s great stuff, all ‘organic’ and fresh. Definitely a must-go!

Alcohol: we would highly recommend that you take full advantage of your duty free allowance! Beer is good and readily available even in Ahangama.
There is a wine shop in Galle called Samagi Wine Store. You find it behind the fruit market next to Wick’s department store. Another one, closer by, is the wine store in Weligama (Kapila knows the place ;-). Tallentire House sells a range of beautiful soft furnishings.Both shops sell a small range of mediocre wine for about £8 – £10 a bottle.
In restaurants/bars all sorts of drinks are readily available – from cocktails to smoothies.

If you are looking for souvenir shopping the Galle Fort is probably the best place to go.

Lindsay’s shop Tallentire House (contact: +94 77 432 7360) sells a range of beautiful soft furnishings and fabrics by the metre. You find it at 63 Pedlar Street.

Barefoot (contact: +94 91 222 6299) stocks sarongs, beach wraps, clothing, bags, hand woven cloth by the meter and soft toys.

Pedlars Inn Jewellers

Pedlar’s Inn Jewellers
92 Pedlar Street
contact: +94 91 222 7199

Pedlar’s Inn Jewellers (contact: +94 91 222 7199) is situated in the middle of the Pedlars Inn Cafe. The Jewellers provides a great selection of Sri Lankan stones and designs.

(contact: +94 91 224 2702) is a tropical oasis of style with sequins. It features the collections of designer Jo Eden to go from beach to bar.

For a complete list of shops in Galle Fort, please visit the Galle Fort website.